Evisent and the Microsoft CSP Program 

What is the Microsoft CSP Program? 

The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) licensing programme was created to enable companies like Evisent to partner with Microsoft and allow for their cloud services to be distributed to customers (e.g., Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure).  

With combined resources and service infrastructure, partners then provide support services to Cloud customers in place of Microsoft. This allows us to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers through fully managed and customised cloud service solutions.  

Why was the CSP program formed?  

It’s no secret that the modern workplace is rapidly transitioning to hybrid cloud-based solutions. This is especially relevant in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sector which is becoming increasingly popular with time. The reason is that the SaaS provider offers complete support through maintenance, hosting, and security that is completely hands-off for the customer.  

The main goal of the CSP program is to enable greater standards of support for cloud service customers, as Microsoft simply doesn’t have the infrastructure to do so. In this way, they rely on vetted partners to help achieve this aim.  


CSP clients will benefit from greater flexibility in billing arrangements and services. You only pay for the services that you use and not anything more. Additionally, you aren’t limited to staying with one CSP provider. 

There is no minimum seat requirement or contractual length of time you must commit to meaning you can seamlessly alter arrangements in response to changing circumstances within your business (e.g., a service becomes redundant for 20 out of 40 seats).  

Pricing and saving  

You pay as you go with the CSP program and are billed at the end of every month covering licensing and Azure usage for that duration. We know that Microsoft licensing is complicated so we help you to maximise the value of your investment relative to the needs of your business.  

Additionally, we periodically review your license estate to recommend suitable cost saving alternatives or possible addons to further support your business.  

Local support 

If you’ve ever had a problem with Microsoft products and tried to get help from them, you may know it can be an extremely arduous process. 

The CSP program is designed so that we, as a provider, become your single point of contact. We use our resources to help identify and solve issues as well as pass information onto partner support teams such as Microsoft, if necessary.  


If you are considering the CSP model but are worried about downtime due to migration, Evisent can help ensure a smooth transition to the Microsoft environment. Our staff of trained and certified professionals can assist with infrastructure assessment, creating and implementing technology strategies and anything related to Microsoft 365, Azure, and cybersecurity.