How Xero Improved Productivity with a Digital Communication Tool (Plus Five Other Technologies You Can Use to Boost Employee Productivity)

Higher office productivity leads to faster project completion and happier customers. With these technological solutions, you empower your people to work more efficiently. When a company scales to the point where it has millions of customers spread over 180 countries, effective internal communication is a priority. It’s an even bigger concern when that company helps […]

Tech Tips: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s been rolling out several updates for their most popular applications and, of course, Teams gets a lot of attention. With Teams fast becoming a staple within education and the workplace, we’re going over 5 tips to get more out of Teams everyday. 1. Using the command bar functions The search bar at the top […]

What Are the Different Types of Multi-Factor Authentication?

The fact most data breaches are the result of human error is not a contentious issue in the cybersecurity industry. Stolen credentials are involved in 61% of data breaches and they increase the cost of a data breach by 23%. Many of these breaches can be prevented by enabling multi-factor authentication on all sensitive accounts […]

What is Multi-Factor Authentication and Why Should You Use It?

Since our previous post centred on proper password security practice, the next step is to go over multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) and how this security feature complements your newfound great password habits. This seemingly simple solution protects sensitive accounts better than even the most complex passwords, but what really is MFA and how does it work? […]

Top 5 Password Security Practices Your Employees Don’t Do

Password security has always been a leading cause of successful cyber breaches. Most employees do not take password security seriously and the increased likelihood of compromised data that this brings with it. Here are the top five password security rules that every employee should follow.   Make your passwords strong Employees tend to make passwords […]

Tech Tips: Windows 10 ‘Hidden’ Features

There are many features in Windows 10 that require a bit of digging to find out about. We’ve done the hard part for you and will show you some of the ways you can navigate Windows 10 more efficiently. In this article we will cover: Saving multiple items on the clipboard Windows snapping Make File […]

5 Tips to Defend Against Ransomware

Since the onset of remote work, major ransomware attacks are now constantly filling up our news feeds. A new ransom record is broken every other day and the attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and severe for businesses. It’s become such an issue that politicians and governments around the world are beginning to feel the pressure […]

Tech Tips: Collaborating with Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint combined with OneDrive for Business is a powerful way to share and collaborate on your work documents. In this article we show you how to make the most of the sharing and storing functionalities provided by Microsoft. Sharing links with others Sharing links is an easy way to securely share files on the […]

Evisent and the Microsoft CSP Program 

What is the Microsoft CSP Program?  The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) licensing programme was created to enable companies like Evisent to partner with Microsoft and allow for their cloud services to be distributed to customers (e.g., Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure).   With combined resources and service infrastructure, partners then provide support services to Cloud customers in […]

10 Methods of Cyber Attack

1.Phishing   A phishing attack is typically delivered via email and from a believable trusted source (e.g., a bank, streaming service, or charity). It combines social engineering techniques and technology to trick unsuspecting people into giving over sensitive information such as passwords and credit card details.   A more sophisticated hacker may do extensive research on potential employee targets and create […]