Accounting Firms

The Accounting Industry has been one of the early-adopters of cloud-based computing services, with cloud accounting software such as Xero rapidly becoming industry standard. This shift to the cloud requires best-in-class protection, particularly given that you are dealing with large volumes of sensitive personal and financial information.

Your accounting firm needs reliable and secure technology to protect your client’s information, your business, and its reputation. It takes a long time to build trust, but only minutes to lose it. Our team at Evisent are a passionate group of IT professionals, specialising in helping Accounting firms reduce risk and increase profits by leveraging the power of technology.

We have a wealth of experience implementing and managing technology and security for accountancy firms, including migrations and automations around Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Handi ATO Mate, FYI Docs, Nimbus, SuiteFiles, and a range of other platforms used by modern Accounting firms. 

Please take a few moments to listen to a testimonial from one of our valued clients.

We also have a short case study which provides an overview of how we assisted another firm, much of which will likely resonate with you and your business:

Our philosophy is based on proactivity – identify and understand your exposures, then address them before your data is compromised. Prevention is always better than a cure.

We are currently offering an obligation-free assessment of your current system security. This is how it works:

We will conduct a detailed assessment of your business-critical systems, network configuration, and associated devices.

Compile our findings in to a comprehensible and clear report that is easy to understand.

Provide recommendations to increase data security, in conjunction with reconfiguration options to streamline your business, improving efficiency and in turn, profitability.