Microsoft Intune Suite Revolutionises Endpoint Management: Security, Simplification, and Savings Unleashed

Microsoft has just announced a pivotal advancement in endpoint management with the launch of three innovative solutions within the Microsoft Intune Suite: Enterprise Application Management, Advanced Analytics, and Cloud PKI. This suite transcends traditional unified endpoint management, offering a holistic collection of cross-platform capabilities that streamline application security, secure access to resources, and enhance troubleshooting and support.

At the heart of the Intune Suite’s value proposition are three core principles:

  1. Unified Solution for Adjacent Workloads: Microsoft Intune consolidates security and efficiency, reducing the complexity of managing multiple third-party integrations and providing a seamless experience integrated with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Security solutions.
  2. Future-Ready Cloud and AI Support: The suite accelerates digital transformation with cloud-native solutions and leverages data to inform technologies like Microsoft Copilot for Security, enhancing proactive security measures.
  3. Unified Plan for Comprehensive Coverage: Intune Suite simplifies IT operations by consolidating advanced solutions into a single plan, offering direct savings on licensing costs and reducing the need for managing multiple vendors.

Enterprise App Management simplifies the discovery, deployment, and updating of enterprise apps, while Endpoint Privilege Management allows for granular control over app privileges. Cloud PKI modernises certificate management, eliminating the need for complex on-premises infrastructure. Additionally, Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile Application Management (MAM) ensures secure access for unenrolled personal devices.

Advanced Analytics provides deep insights across endpoints, and Remote Help facilitates efficient support for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices directly from the Intune admin center.

This suite not only marks “the end of the beginning” for Microsoft’s vision for Intune but also sets a new standard for endpoint management, offering security, simplification, and savings. With analyst recognition from Omdia and Forrester, Microsoft Intune Suite is poised to power a more secure and productive future in the AI era.