Evisent partners with Australian Government Cyber Security Centre

Evisent is proud to announce our partnership with the Australian Signals Directorate, and the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) as part of the MSP3 program.  This program, along with the JCSC, endeavours to improve the security knowledge and posture of IT providers in Australia.

The MSP3 program also connects the business and research communities, along with state, territory and Australian Government agencies to provide insights into the current cyber threat landscape, as well as technical information and mitigation strategies.

We are honoured to be part of a trusted network of like-minded cyber security professionals from government, industry, and academia which will allow us access to timely and often sensitive information, such as cyber threat intelligence and the ability to participate in a range of events, workshops, cyber security exercises, and presentations on cyber security.

We are keen to stay at the forefront in this space, and utilising this knowledge and experience to help protect businesses from the ever changing and evolving threats of Cyber Crime.

Please reach out if you’d like to know more.