03 June 2015

Windows 10 to Launch on July 29th

Microsoft has officially announced the released of it's next generation Operating System, Windows 10.

The new Windows software will come as a free upgrade to those already using Windows 7 or 8.1, and be available to consumers in 190 countries.  It's the first Windows OS with built with mobility in mind - including a seamless experience across multiple devices.  PC's, laptops, tablets and even the Xbox entertainment system will benefit from the new features of 10.

Microsoft states that it's moving into a new area of natural interaction, which will more closely mimic the way we interact with each other.  Voice, pen and even gaze will be used to control the new OS.

It appears at this stage to be a very promising product - Microsoft is taking a new, fresh approach, which is exactly what is needed after the relatively unsuccessful Windows 8.1.

If you'd like to know more about the product or how it can benefit your business, please get in touch.


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