25 February 2016

Why we love Office 365 - Part 2

Part 2. Cloud computing reduces your reliance on in house resources.

The IT world is changing – no longer do we need to depend on our on premise servers to provide critical services, the Office 365 (and Azure) stack can do it all. At Evisent, we see IT as a service, just like electricity.  At the flip of a switch it should be available with a model that allows you to use only what you pay for.  In this particular scenario, would you run your own electric generator to power your office?  Probably not. Then why would you own/monitor/maintain a physical server?

This new approach has a range of benefits:

1. Reduced capital expenditure (Servers are expensive to purchase and maintain)

2. Lower number of attached ‘critical’ devices, i.e. tape backup drives

3. Reduced power usage, meaning lower bills and carbon emissions

4. Reduced software licensing costs (windows server, Microsoft exchange, anti-virus and spam filtering)

5. Reduced administrate overhead.  Monitoring and managing a server takes time.  Whether you do this in house or use an external consultant, time is money.

6. Reduced risks in terms of security and data integrity – leverage the huge investment Microsoft have made in their data centres, why throw money into your own?

7. Less stress!  We want to relieve you of the stress of worrying about your IT requirements , allowing you to focus on what you’re good at, managing and growing your own business.

At Evisent we practice what we preach. We are 100% Cloud based.  From Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business, One Drive, Sharepoint Online and Delve, to Xero (accounting), Insightly (CRM) and Cloud Backup. The money saved over the archaic ‘on premise’ model was (and is) significant, and, just as importantly, we can accurately predict our IT related costs for the next 12 months. Do you know what technology will cost your business in the next financial year?  Failed hardware or ‘necessary’ software upgrades can often come out of the blue, and these unexpected issues can have a huge impact on cash flow.  

If you’d like to discover how your business can benefit from Office 365 and associated Cloud services, please get in touch.  We offer a free, no obligation review of your IT systems – understanding your current situation and future requirements is the key to effectively managing technology.

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