18 February 2016

Why we love Office 365

Office 365

We love Office 365, and here's why.

Working with and speaking to clients, it’s become very apparent that most people don’t understand what Office 365 is – and what it’s not.  It’s far more than just email.  The benefits, services and tools offered in the Office 365 suite extend far beyond your desktop versions of Outlook, Word and Excel – and break new ground in terms of extending the capabilities of you and your staff to communicate, collaborate and improve your business – both in terms of growth and efficiency.  This is Part 1 in a 5 part series discussing why we love Office 365. Hopefully it’ll resonate and help you understand some of the incredible benefits and opportunities that the suite offers.

Part 1.  Work from anywhere, anytime.

The first thing we noticed internally when using Office 365 was the freedom it offered us.  With Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc now available on almost every device on the market and with the accessibility of your documents and files via Cloud services, we now have the freedom to work when and where we choose.  It’s no longer necessary to be in the office 9-5 to be productive and efficient.  Want to work from home? Sure. How about on the train, plane or even while on holiday (you can always turn these roaming services off if you want to take a real break!).  All your documents, notes and contacts are just a click away.

This may sound daunting to some as being connected 24/7 causes concern in regards to ‘burn out’, however, if managed effectively, it can be extremely liberating and actually increase productivity and customer/job satisfaction.  Personally, I know my most productive hours of the day, the previously ‘wasted’ time (airports/trains etc) and now make best use of this, freeing up other parts of my day to focus on exercise, social activities and the other areas of life we all need to keep us physically and mentally happy.  Also, if a light goes off above my head at a random moment, while I'm in a meeting or groecy shopping, I post it into OneNote, which is then saved to the Cloud and shared with my colleagues (if I decide to do so).

These new tools have truly changed the way we operate, improved communication and collaboration with our staff and customers.  If you’re interested in making more of your time, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.

Next up in the series, the benefits of Cloud based systems in terms of IT infrastructure and costs.


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