19 May 2015

Australian Broadband for Business – now and the future

It’s widely accepted within the IT industry that Australia is many years behind its European and Asian counterparts in terms of broadband performance and availability, but in recent years we are beginning to reduce the gap.  With the implementation of the National Broadband Network (NBN) and several providers running fibre to commercial and residential premises, we are gaining ground – enabling Australian businesses to more easily compete in a global market.

The NBN has had its issues, however the government provided a reviewed Statement of Expectations in 2014 which outlined their decisions for the future of the NBN.  Some important changes were explained, including the Governments objectives of providing download rates of at least 25 megabits per second to all premises, and 50 megabits to those with fixed line services as soon as possible.

It also stated that existing infrastructure owned by Telstra and Optus would be integrated into the NBN, reducing delivery times and duplicating or overbuilding the network.

Many Australian business and residential customers are eagerly awaiting access to this new high performance network, which, if successful, could have a dramatic impact on the way technology is utilised country wide. 

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