Our mission is to help protect your business from Cyber crime

Born as an MSP (Managed Service Provider) in 2014, Evisent provided a range of IT services to small and medium businesses. In mid-2017, we became aware that our clients needed to increase their protections against the evolving threats of Cybercrime. This was the beginning of our evolution to become a MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider).

Starting with the widespread ‘wannacry’ ransomware in May 2017, a new era of high reward, low risk, digital crimes had begun. These highly lucrative activities attracted very talented people and (criminal) organisations to perpetrate attacks for monetary gain.

Businesses and individuals are being targeted across the world. Unfortunately, no one is safe, whether you are small business or a global organisation – launching widespread or targeted attacks has become increasingly less complex and more profitable. Ransomware, credential theft, impersonations, fraud and social engineering have all been steadily on the rise, with worldwide losses due to Cyber now outnumbering any other criminal enterprise, including the global drug trade.

At Evisent it is our mission to help protect our clients against the ever increasing and evolving threats of Cybercrime. The risks of your business being crippled by a successful attack are real and becoming increasingly more likely. It’s necessary today, more than ever, to partner with a Cyber security specialist to ensure you have the right advice, protections and processes to reduce your risk, and ensure you can detect, respond to, and recover from, a Cyber-attack.

We are that partner. Our team of dedicated IT security professionals are here to help.

Why Evisent?

We are passionate about security – every day we strive to improve and update our knowledge of the threat landscape, and how best to combine this intelligence with cutting edge technology and decades of experience to help protect your business.

We work closely with clients and partners to accurately assess risk and build tailored security plans and packages to ensure the dangers are minimised. We position ourselves not just as technology experts, but trusted advisors who have the best interests of you and your business at heart. Evisent is vendor agnostic and consistently improving its product stack and service offerings to meet the needs of our clients.

Our packages are specifically designed for Small and Medium businesses, providing Enterprise level protection at an affordable price. Get in touch today to find out how we can help protect your business.


We possess deep knowledge and experience in a wide range of Cyber Security related disciplines. We understand that every person, every company, every project, is different – and use this experience to deliver the right systems and solutions to provide you with peace of mind.

Client Focused

Our clients and their businesses are the most important thing to us. We treat our clients as an extension of our own business – what’s important to you, is important to us. We will help arm you with the knowledge and advice to make informed decisions on how best to protect your assets, and livelihood.

Highly Adaptable

The world of Cybercrime is changing daily. The evolving tactics, software and systems used to perpetrate attacks requires us to keep our fingers on the pulse and adapt accordingly, allowing us to reduce risk from new and emerging techniques.


As an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider), it’s imperative we implement advanced protections for our internal systems, while constantly updating processes and procedures to ensure we maintain the highest level of security to protect our data, as well as our clients.

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